Our added value

Our added value

Our strength resides in our…


  • We understand the political, social, and economic context of developing countries, with specific focus on Africa and the Middle East
  • We have knowledge of the general policy, legal, regulatory, and institutional barriers in developing countries in the energy sector, and their impact on markets, investment risk, access to capital, and project development
  • We understand the different risks associated with private sector investment and with developing business activities in developing countries, specifically Africa and the Middle East
  • We understand EU-Africa, and other donor-developing countries’ cooperation, including general economic and political goals, programmes, and initiatives


  • We master local business culture in different parts of Africa and the Middle East
  • We develop strategic partnerships with companies from all over the world for the purpose of business development and management in Africa and the Middle East. We adopt a triangular cooperation approach.

Robust network

  • In developing countries, specifically in Africa and the Middle East, we have access to a strong network comprised of independent local and regional experts with, in many cases, international experience, and public and private sector professional backgrounds; as well as to Government representatives, private sector executives, and local and regional organisations and financial institutions
  • In developed countries, specifically in Europe, America and Asia, we have access to a strong network comprised of independent international experts, private investors, multinational companies, technology suppliers, consulting and engineering companies, international financial institutions, organisations and associations. We have official representations and associates of ECA International in Niger, Nigeria, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire in addition to Tunisia.
Our values and principles

Our values and principles







Environmental responsibility

Our mission and vision

Our vision and mission

Our vision

“A leading actor in helping developing countries achieve their economic development goals sustainably through our support to private and public investment”.

Our mission

We strive to develop successful business opportunities and create economic value for our local and international partners, while contributing to technology transfer, market development and overall sustainable development in our regions of operations.
Through our work, we contribute to…

  • Sustainable development, and/or
  • Increasing access to modern energy services, and/or
  • Access to capital, and/or
  • Capacity building, and/or
  • Technology transfer
  • Local socio-economic development
  • Economic value creation

….in developing economies, mainly Africa and the Middle East

About us

About us

ECA International (“ECA”) was founded in 1999 and is an international, offshore, consultancy Company incorporated and headquartered in Tunis, Tunisia.

We are specialized in the provision of strategic consultancy, project and programme development services in the fields of energy, industry, environment, infrastructure, agriculture, climate change and finance to companies and institutions in the private and public sector worldwide wishing to develop, operate and invest mainly in Africa and the Middle East. We also provide support and advice to Government entities in Africa, to energy, electricity and water companies in Africa and Europe, as well as to international financial institutions, and investors, among other clients.

The provision of our services is based on our ability to structure partnerships and high-level cooperation with the different stakeholders, bringing together investors, technology suppliers, and local partners. We ensure smooth interaction and communication between the parties, we facilitate business development and implementation, and we create value adapted to local context.

ECA also intervenes at different stages of business and project development through the provision of strategic advice, the elaboration of strategic studies, the elaboration of feasibility studies, the preparation of technical and financial offers based on the local context, the design and implementation of risk management strategies, among other services. We originate, define and build project opportunities using our international business network and high-level relationships in developing countries.

In addition, ECA accompanies international companies in their quest of new markets, especially in Africa and the Middle East, to deploy pilot or known technologies. In this context, ECA conducts market studies using its strong local and regional network to facilitate data collection and analysis.

ECA provides tailored expertise in donor-funded projects and programmes including those financed by the EU, World Bank, AfDB, AFD, EBRD and EIB, in the framework of partnerships with companies. Similarly, ECA benefits from a large database of experts mainly from Africa and Europe, a database that continuously expand thanks to its high-level network.