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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

ECA participates in Technical Assistance programmes financed by international donors and financial institutions in various fields of activities mainly energy, environment, climate change, water, and agriculture.

We specifically have extensive expertise in European Union programmes and projects, as well as rules and procedures. Our team of experts have also worked on/in the framework of World Bank Group, European Investment Bank (EIB), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), African Development Bank (AfDB), and West African Development Bank (WADB), the French Development Agency (AFD), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), initiatives.

Our services in Technical Assistance programmes and projects are provided under two umbrellas:

  • Outsourcing expertise for/in cooperation with international companies and contractors
  • Provision of expertise as a consortium partner or consortium leader with local and/or international companies.

Framework Contracts (FWC)

ECA has provided experts to a number of international partnering companies and clients in FWC financed by the EU, namely the BENEF 2013 and SIEA 2018 in Africa.
Both external and internal experts have been mobilised specifically in energy, climate change and water sectors. ECA, as a company, is further keen and is preparing to participate as a consortium partner in the upcoming FWC, while continuing support to the ongoing contract.

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Expertise Supply

Expertise Supply

We provide high-level cost-effective experts in projects, programmes and initiatives launched/supported by the Donors’ community, international financial and development institutions as well as national and local Governments.

  • We have a database of +7,000 experts from Africa, with local, regional and international experience in addition to international experts from Europe, Asia and America
  • Our experts are researchers, analysts, economists, financiers, engineers, advisors, and more
  • Our experts have public and/or private sector professional backgrounds, and between 5 and +40 years of professional experience.
  • Our experts have occupied executive positions, as Advisors, Directors, Senior Officers, and others at Ministries, national utility companies, regulatory authorities (e.g. ERB (Zambia)), and more – e.g. Ministries in charge of energy and environment, National Waste Management Agencies, National oil and gas companies (e.g. Qatar Petroleum, SONATRACH (Algeria), ETAP (Tunisia)…), National electricity and/or water companies (e.g. SONABEL (Burkina Faso), CIE (Côte d’Ivoire), SONEDE (Tunisia)…), in addition to Private consulting companies, and international organisations (World Energy Council, Energy Charter Secretariat, World Alliance for Decentralised Energy, etc.…)

Our database comprises thousands of African experts, among others operating in various sectors.
Some concrete examples (with rounded up figures).

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Project Development

Project Development

We identify, initiate, create and structure project opportunities based on our strong and large network of experts and partners.
We support companies from project origination to implementation, including through:

  • The preparation of technical and financial proposals in the framework of solicited and unsolicited projects
  • The elaboration of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and the provision of support on adapted business models
  • The negotiation of contracts, leading to financial closure
  • The structuring of partnerships for the purpose of developing projects
  • Facilitating interaction between stakeholders.
  • The provision of experts tailored to project needs

We implement a triangle approach to business development

We act as an interaction platform whereby we bring together our local and international partners, investors, technology suppliers, developers, national and local Government institutions, as well as other stakeholders to structure partnerships and cooperation under various forms for the purpose of developing projects and business activities.



We carry out studies in our areas and regions of expertise, including on:

  • The evolution of industry and market trends
  • Market assessment to introduce specific technologies and develop targeted projects
  • Social, economic and political contexts at the local and regional levels and their impacts on potential investments and project implementation
  • Investment opportunities for project origination and development
  • Challenges and barriers to investment projects and business development
  • Financial opportunities, mechanisms and scenarios
  • Economic, financial, and environmental feasibility of projects
Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

We provide strategic advice to our clients and partners, in our areas and fields of operations on:

  • Most suitable investment decisions in specific markets and projects to increase value for shareholders
  • Most adequate technological options for the development of projects and according to market needs
  • Optimum project finance solutions and adapted business models for the development and implementation of profitable projects
  • Business structuring, development approaches, and strategies
  • Market penetration, positioning, development and growth strategies
  • Risk mitigation and management tools and strategies for business development
  • Policy, institutional, legal and regulatory reforms

Our advice is provided based on our understanding of the local business environment, context and culture as well as of the social, economic and political implications at local, regional and international levels. Our advice is also adapted to the institutional set-up and regulations in addition to the different stakeholders’ needs.